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Why do my water pipes bang?

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Have you ever noticed a loud banging noise that seems to come from inside of your walls for no apparent reason?  Perhaps you've noticed that this only happens when you are doing laundry or when your sprinkler system comes on or maybe even after you plush the toilet?  You've probably wondered why do my water

Let’s Talk Water Heaters

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Let’s Talk Kennesaw Water Heaters   If you’ve listened to any of Kennesaw’s radio stations it’s very likely that you’ve heard the commercials about old water heaters being banned and being pressured to upgrade your current system. Many of you have asked us about this, so I’d like to take a moment to address your

Plumbing Kennesaw

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Blog2 The molds that form on stale bread have a lot in common with the mushrooms in the local grocery store. All molds belong to the Kingdom Fungi. Fungi have approximately 1.5 million species. Fungi receive their food from other living organisms in contrast to other plants that make their own food. The main role