Let’s Talk Kennesaw Water Heaters


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If you’ve listened to any of Kennesaw’s radio stations it’s very likely that you’ve heard the commercials about old water heaters being banned and being pressured to upgrade your current system. Many of you have asked us about this, so I’d like to take a moment to address your questions.

Beginning April 16, 2015 new water heaters must comply with a new set of efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy. The typical water heater won’t look much different than today’s water heaters, but they will get a small boost in energy efficiency. The real change comes in larger units of 55 gallons or more, these types of units will begin utilizing new technologies to achieve greater efficiency. These new units are estimated to cut utility bills by 25 – 50 percent.

So what does it mean for homeowners?

Not much, the typical home has a water heater that is smaller than 55 gallons. Homeowners can expect to save around 5% annually with the new standards. Newer models may be an inch or two larger, but the change in size shouldn’t have any impact on location in the majority of cases. If for whatever reason you find yourself replacing a larger water heater you’ll need to do a little bit of research as the new units typically require more space due to new technologies such as electric heat pumps and gas condensing technology. Give the expert plumbers at Plumb Xpress a call to answer any of your Kennesaw water heater questions.